McHenry Hohnen gets Lean+Green®

McHenry Hohnen is committed to sustainable initiatives and has introduced the O-I Australia's Lean+Green® bottle across its winery production.

The design of the Lean+Green® bottle creates vastly improved sustainable outcomes.

The wine bottle is between 18% and 28% lighter than regular wine bottles, but retains the premium aesthetics required of the wine industry.

The innovative design will save almost 20,000 tonnes of glass packaging a year. Other substantial environmental benefits include:

  • A 20% carbon reduction in energy use to produce the same number of bottles;
  • A carbon dioxide saving of more than 11,130 tonnes of CO2 per annum;
  • An average 12% drop in water usage per container;
  • Overall water savings of 4,270kL or the equivalent of 6.3 Olympic swimming pools a year; and
  • 840 more bottles packed into a 20ft shipping container (an increase of 6.25%).

The Lean+Green® bottle creates greater environmental outcomes and this fits with McHenry Hohnen's "hands off' winemaking philosophy were the focus is on natural winemaking, soil biology and sustainable viticultural practices.


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