The natural wine movement is underway

"When I talk about our wines I always approach it from quality first..."


"... If I can make that connection with people, and the wine is good, the whole hope is they'll ask me how it was made. Once they ask me, I have permission to tell them about biodynamics. That order has the most effect."


We were thrilled to be featured in the article All natural: The growth of organic, biodynamic and natural winemaking in Your Margaret River Region by Max Brearley for showcasing our wholistic approach to producing wine. Our team are active advocates of the sustainable, natural wine movement which is sweeping through Australia and the World at the moment!


McHenry Hohnen Vintners are committed to ensuring we evolve and grow and progress into a more sustainable operation each year, through supporting local trade, reducing carbon emissions through more efficient transport initiatives, using recycled packaging boxes and label stock and green bottles, biological farming and minimal interference winemaking.


Not only does the notion of environmental sustainability and ecological improvement make you consider converting to these low impact practices, but based purely on the evidence of the wines it produces you we are convinced. 


It's our philosophy that quality wine relies wholly and solely on the growing site, viticulture and minimal handling in the winery.


We manage all of our vineyards using biodynamic agriculture principles and preparations. We do this with the belief that this farming system ensures healthy soil microbiology, and in return stronger, more resistant and more fruitful vines.


Mike Benziger on Biodynamic Viticulture:


Biodynamics is the most advanced form of organic farming. It works with cycles of nature to grow grapes and make wine, and uses plants and animals to take the place of chemicals and fertilizers. We look to nature for answers, not to men. We identify plants, bacteria and animals that live in a vineyard. We won't necessarily try to change them, but farm in a way to make them synergize with each other and form an environment that is completely unique. This creates farm individuality and distinction on a piece of property and translates that individuality into the wines.


In biodynamic farming, our strategy is never to feed the plant but to feed the soil. When you feed the soil the plant can go to the snack bar when it wants to, not when we want it to. That way you get a more balanced growth, and the vines are much stronger and have a higher disease resistance. A plant that can root itself in good soil will follow the cycles of nature very closely; break bud at spring equinox, flower at summer solstice, harvest close to the fall equinox, and have dormancy close to winter solstice. All of these activities are manipulated when you use artificial fertilizers.


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